@surfride Solana is stocked up & ready for you! #getsome #holidayshoppingalready ? #whynot

Oh yeah it’s on at Pleasure Point! Come on down and demo your favorite FW sled from 8-12pm this mornin. Lookin super fun 4-6ft. #surfingalwayswins #futureofshape @futuresfins (at Pleasure Point Beach County Park)

Since the North Jetty parking lot will be closed tomorrow cruise down south to Buccaneer St. and demo that sled you’ve been dreamin of! We’ll be there from 8-12PM. @futuresfins (at Buccaneer Beach Park)

We’ll be heading up the coast through Central CA in Oct. We’ll have plenty of boards ready to go so come on out and let one fly! @futuresfins #futureofshape firewiresurfboards.com

Carbon base, bamboo & honeycomb core create a lively flex = you surfing better. With a quad and a thruster option, this 5-pack of fins may be the only set of fins you ever need. Get em’ @ Firewiresurfboards.com

What time is it @bourezmichel ? Cool, thanks. πŸ“· @peterkinglajolla @hurley @redbull @oamsurf @pyzelsurfboards @airtahitinui @futuresfins

@alex.br0wn test rode the #vanguard @tomo_surfboards this mornin and loved it! #surfingalwayswins (at Fletcher Cove Beach Park)

John John you say? Oh contraire mon frΓ¨re c’est @bourezmichel @futuresfins @pyzelsurfboards @redbull @hurley @oamsurf @airtahitinui

Demo tomorrow in Solana Beach at Fletcher Cove. 8-12PM stop by and grab a couple boards to try! πŸŒŠπŸ„πŸ‘ with our 1st NW swell coming in it should be fun! (at Fletcher Cove Beach Park)

The north lot is closed in oside, so we are parked in the middle lot. Come grab a groveler! (at Oceanside Harbor)